Spectrum Infra offers complete Logistics Solutions for your company. We have you covered whether you are a Manufacturer or Distributor, Importer or Exporter, Retailer or Wholesaler. With the help of modern technology, we are attempting to solve this fragmented Industry. We are on a mission to instil the culture of on-demand warehousing in India and to digitise the Supply Chain from start to finish. We strive to accommodate our clients and are willing to open a facility and manage their logistics process in order to do so. We have opened a facility for one of the companies listed below, providing them with the amount of space they require and more, to assist them and to allow other growing companies to expand.

“Our ambition is to become a one-stop shop for businesses and shippers in India seeking standardised warehousing services at the right price and for the right duration.” In India, warehousing can be made more flexible, on-demand, and transparent. We are working hard to realise this dream.”

Elements of Warehousing at The Gateway-

Warehousing is much more than just storing goods. It can be a fulfilment centre, an assembly line, or anything else. With this in mind, there are a few warehousing elements that can aid in the storage, transportation, and protection of goods. These include:

  • Storage systems that allow for maximum storage and easy access at all times
  • Climate Control for items that require cooler or warmer temperatures
  • Inventory Management Software is used to keep track of inventory entering and exiting your warehouses.
  • Enough personnel to keep processes running smoothly.
  • Moving and transportation equipment to deliver and transport goods to and from the warehouse.
  • Ample security to keep the warehouse safe even when it is empty.


    Spectrum Business Gateway is a vibrant manufacturing industrial park located in Kamba, Thane district, a Mumbai suburb. It is a self-sustaining business hub for a diverse range of MSME enterprises. It has become the first choice of both innovative and traditional business entrepreneurs due to its large selection of built-to-suit RCC structures, PEB Sheds, Commercial Units, and Showrooms. It also provides world-class consulting services to its customers at every stage of their business.

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